Cities are the most enduring, important, and fundamentally interesting forces in the modern economy. With this in mind, Prospericity is intended for people interested in practical policies that can serve to improve economic conditions in the cities and regions where they live, together with people simply interested in urban economic geography.

Posts on this blog will be categorized by unit of analysis. Moving in concentric circles outward from the individual worker to the entire city, I will focus on policies and ideas related to worker skills, business enterprises, economic sectors, and to the economic and social climate of cities and regions taken as wholes. I am especially but not exclusively interested in my home city of Sacramento, other urban regions in my home state of California, and other areas where I have lived for an extended time including New York City and Seattle.

By way of professional background, I currently work at perhaps the most fundamental level of worker skill development as a public school math teacher. Before entering teaching I worked for several years in New York City on urban labor market analysis projects for civic organizations including the Fiscal Policy Institute and the Industrial Technology Assistance Corporation of New York. I have also worked within government on wetlands policy issues for the California Resources Agency. I am graduate of Pomona College in International Relations, and hold a Master’s degree in urban planning from Columbia University.

Matt Mitchell

Sacramento, California